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1.SOLITUDE いいですね。(5)  2.AXENSTAR/PERPETUAL TWIGHT(1)  3.SERAPHIM/平等精霊(1)  4.REQUIEM(1)  5.TIME REQUIEM/TIME REQUIEM(6)  6.SIGN OF TRUTH/DIONYSUS(4)  7.FORTY LICKS/ROLLING STONES(3)  8.THE HIVESの新作(1)  9.遂にUKから(1)  10.LIVE AT CASTLE DONINGTON/ULI JON ROTH(3)  11.THE WILDHEARTS/RIFF AFTER RIFF AFTER MOTHERFUCKING RIFF(1)  12.NINE SHORT FILMS/T.BOZZIO&B.SHEEHAN(5)  13.Past Times With Good Campany/BLACKMORE'S NIGHT(3)  14.REACTIVATE LIVE/MSG(2)  15.DARK SKY / Edge of Time(1)  16.FRETERNIA / A Nightmare Story (1)  17.NORTHWIND / Seasons(1)  18.SYSTEN OF A DOWN/STEAL THIS ALBUM! (3)  19.101SOUTH / Roll The Dice(1)  20.YNGWIE MALMSTEEN/GENESIS(1)  21.Re:Re:Re:AUDIOSLAVE/AUDIOSLAVE(2)  22.HANOI ROCKS/Twelve Shots On The Rocks(2)  23.EVIDENCE ONE / Criticize The Truth(1)  24.DEPARTURE/CORPORATE WHEEL(1)  25.WARCRY / El Selo de los Tiempos(1)  26.THE ODYSSEY : SYMPHONY X(1)  27.NOVEMBRE / Dreams D'azur(1)  28.陰陽座/鳳翼麟瞳(1)  29.sentencedの新譜?(1)  30.masterplan(1)  31.artention/new discovery(1)  32.KING CRIMSON/THE POWER TO BELIEVE(2)  33.KAMELOT / Epica(1)  34.Re:HIRSH GARDNER / Wasteland for Broken Hearts(1)  35.Children Of Bodomの新作(2)  36.HAMMERFALL / Crimson Thunder(1)  37.Art of Losing/American HI-FI(2)  38.ANTHRAXの新作(2)  39.HATE HONEYの新作(1)  40.THE PEEPSHOWS(1)  41.Sonata Arctica最新作"WINTERHEART'S GUILD(5)  42.PACFIER?(1)  43.THUNDER/SHOOTING AT THE SUN(2)  44.EDENBRIDGE/aphelion(1)  45.DELIGHT / eternity(1)  46.Evanescence(1)  47.PRAYING MANTIS/THE JOURNY GOES ON(1)  48.HUMAN ZOO / GOTT HARD(1)  49.ザック・ワイルドの新作(2)  50.GODSMACKの新作「フェイスレス」について(3)  51.SONATA ARCTICA/WINTERHEART'S GUILD(1)  52.MOON OF STEEL / Insignificant Details(4)  53.7:THE BEST OF/STRYPER(3)  54.グッド・シャーロットの新作(2)  55.STORMWIND/RISINGSYMPHONY(1)  56.soilwork(2)  57.TNT/TASTE(1)  58.もうすぐ国内版が・・・。(7)  59.GOLDEN AGE OF GROTESQUE(1)  60.SARACEN / Red Sky (輸入盤)(1)  61.ALTALIA / Invitation (輸入盤)(1)  62.EVERGREY / Recreation Day (輸入盤)(1)  63.HELLOWEEN/ラビットどんと来い!(11)  64.Royal Hunt / Eyewitness(1)  65.HARMONY/Dreaming Awake(1)  66.ポール・ギルバート、集大成ベスト(1)  67.METALLICA/St.Anger(38)  68.PANTERAの今後について・・・(4)  69.初心者の耳 「St.ANGER」(3)  70.Dreamtale/Ocean's Heart(1)  71.BEYONSE'(2)  72.ドラゴンフォースだ!(8)  73.らびりんす(3)  74.BLACKMORE'S NIGHT/ GHOST OF A ROSE(4)  75.M.S.G./ARACHNOPHOBIAC(1)  76.Blood Stain Child/Mystic Your Heart(5)  77.CAGE/DARKER THAN BLACK(1)  78.CHARON の 先行New Single (9)  79.SUPERJOINT RITUAL / A LETHAL DOSE OF AMERICAN HATRED(1)  80.ADAGIO/UNDERWORLD(4)  81.Arch Enemyの新譜,Anthems Of Rebellion(6)  82.Jeff Beck / Jeff(1)  83.新人バンド!(1)  84.遂に始動!もう一つのGN'R(8)  85.ANAAL NATHPAKH(1)  86.SMILE EMPTY SOULの新作について(1)  87.Deep Purple/Bananas(4)  88.Twightlightning/Delirium veil(3)  89.死の舞踏(9)  90.マーズ・ヴォルタ(2)  91.hardcore superstersの新譜(3)  92.MUSE/ABSOLUTION(8)  93.MORBID ANGELの新譜(8)  94.zz topの新譜(1)  95.B'z / BIG MACHINE(17)  96.リンプニューアルバムリリースパーティー告知(1)  97.アリス・クーパー、ベスト発売!(9)  98.新譜(1)  99.こんばんは!!(1)  100.NIKELBACKの新譜(7)  101.THE DARKNESS(7)  102.ARACHNES/Primary Fear(1)  103.SHAKRA / Rising (輸入盤)(1)  104.EPICA / the Phantom Agony (輸入盤)(1)  105.RAGE/SOUNDCHASER(4)  106.TIM CHRISTENSEN / HONEYBURST(2)  107.GARGOYLE/獣道(2)  108.ULI JON ROTH / Metamorphosis(3)  109.RUSH/RUSH IN RIO(6)  110.NIGHTRAGEの新作(2)  111.DREAM THEATER/TRAIN OF THOUGHT(16)  112.SEVEN SERAPHIM / Believe In Angels (輸入盤)(2)  113.Pleymoの新作!(2)  114.ラウンドスケープ(3)  115.THE EYES OF ALICE COOPER(1)  116.LINKIN PARK/LIVE IN TEXAS(4)  117.Pride of Lion(1)  118.LAST AUTUMN'S DREAM(3)  119.KID ROCK/KID ROCK(2)  120.イングヴェイのインストベスト(15)  121.DOMINE/EMPEROR OF THE BLACK RUNES(1)  122.EDGE OF SANITYの新作「Crimson II」(9)  123.HAMMERFALL/ONE CRIMSON NIGHT(1)  124.CHAR/MR.70's you set me free(5)  125.FINAL FRONTIER/THE SECOND WAVE(1)  126.エニグマの『ボヤジュール』(15)  127.ICED EARTH/The Glorius Burden(6)  128.MOLLY HATCHETの「Best of re-recorded」(3)  129.DREAMAKER / Human Device(1)  130.CANNIBAL CORPSE(1)  131.YOU ARE HERE / UFO(1)  132.SHOCK/DENIAL/ANGER/ACCEPTANCE//RICK SPRINGFIELD(1)  133.IN CONCERT/CINDERELLA(4)  134.DEFFERENT WORLDS/VANDENBERG(2)  135.The White Srripes について(2)  136.MAYHEM/CHIMERA(4)  137.OUTRAGE / CAUSE FOR PAUSE(2)  138.THE RASMUS / DEAD LETTER(15)  139.GUITAR WARS(1)  140.Orphaned Land/Mabool(3)  141.skylark/wings(2)  142.Ⅱ / THE CALLING(1)  143.UNBREAKABLE /SCORPIONS(1)  144.ONCE UPON OUR YESTERDAYS / CORNERSTONE(1)  145.CONTRABAND / VELVET REVOLVER(4)  146.JORDAN RUDESS/RHYTHM OF TIME(2)  147.ANGRA / TEMPLE OF SHADOWS(20)  148.RHAPSODY/SYMPHONY OF ENCHANTED LANDS Ⅱ-THE DARK SECRET-(8)  149.LYNYRD SKYNYRD / LYVE(1)  150.megadeth/the system has failed(4)  151.ANTHRAX/THE GREATER OF TWO EVILS(1)  152.LIONSHEART/ABYSS(1)  153.Ⅱ/LAST AUTUMN'S DREAM(5)  154.FEINSTEIN / THIRD WISH(1)  155.Y&T / UNEARTHED vol.1(1)  156.SILVER / ADDICTION(1)  157.GARY JOHN BARDEN / PAST AND PRESENT(1)  158.CASANOVA / ALL BEAUTY MUST DIE(2)  159.STATETROOPER / THE CALLING(1)  160.DIVINEFIRE / GLORY THY NAME(4)  161.Y&T / UNEARTHED vol.2(2)  162.DIO / MASTER OF THE MOON(1)  163.KAMELOT / The Black Halo(3)  164.JUDAS PRIEST / Angel Of Retribution(14)  165.YINGWIE J MALMSTEEN'S RISING FORCE /UNLEASH THE FURY(4)  166.STARBREAKER(3)  167.speed/kill/hateの新作(1)  168.NINE INCH NAILS/WITH TEETH(1)  169.DREAM THEATER / OCTAVARIUM(8)  170.THUNDER / THE MAGNIFICENT SEVENTH(1)  171.SOUL SIRKUS / WORLD PLAY(1)  172.PAUL GILBERT / SPACE SHIP ONE(1)  173.JOE LYNN TURNER / THE USUAL SUSPECTS(1)  174.LIFE OF AGONY 『BROKEN VALLEY』(1)  175.THE RASMUS / HIDE FROM THE SUN(16)  176.ONE WAY TICKET TO HELL...AND BACK/THE DARKNESS(1)  177.QUEENSRYCHE / OPERATION: MINDCRIME Ⅱ(1)  178.TOOL/10,000 DAYS(1)  179.Feeling your UFO/凛として時雨(7)  180.RHAPSODY OF FIRE/TRIUMPH OR AGONY(2)  181.PAUL STANLEY28年ぶり新作『LIVE TO WIN』(1)  182.DESTRUCTION/THRASH ANTHEMS(2)  183.MANOWAR「GODS OF WAR」(1)  184.Hangar/The Reason Of Your Conviction(2)  185.HATE ETERNAL / FURY & FLAMES(1)